Marina Goldberg


Resume/Bio Marina Goldberg

I am a classically trained artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
My art training started when I was 6 years old and still on going.
I was lucky enough to get the best of what Russia could offer, the training,
Shtiegletz Art Academy; the teachers, Kovalevsky; and the most beautiful city
with the best art collections.
I came to the United States in 1979 and completed my degree in painting in
San Francisco Art Institute, one of the oldest Art schools in the city, established in 1871.

I always worked as an artist: illustrator, graphic designer and virtual environment artist
and for the last 23 years as an Art Director of computer games.
I won major awards(EMMA), and recognition of the industry, but my first love,
something I do every day, is painting.
For the last 50+ years my preferred medium is watercolor.
Ultimately, what I’m most interested in is uncovering the intangible, etheral nature
of whatever I paint. In all my work, I aim to create imagery that transcends “the subject”
so that “it” becomes a vehicle for symbolism and conveys a sense of timelessness.
This pursuit is a moving target and a life-long quest. I strive to preserve the fleeting
illusion of presence, to maintain that exact moment of light when its alchemy transforms
the familiar to the extraordinary. I find that it’s within this space we are invited to take pause.

I paint a lot of figurative paintings, still lives, cityscapes and landscapes.
My style tends to be more impressionistic then purely classical.
I like the immediacy and in the moment of an Alla Prima painting. I paint quite a few
portraits on commission, participate and was lucky to win some recognition
on the local and international art shows. My work is in collections of Russia, Europe and
United States, and I am grateful that it brings enjoyment into peoples lives.

International Watercolor Society IWS
California Watercolor Association CWA
Portrait Siciety of America PSA
National Oil & Acrylic painters society NOAPS
American Impressionist Society, Inc AIS